Mercedes SLK 340

This Mercedes SLK 340 Widebody will fit any SLK R172 (since 2011)

Price List

Bodykit includes:


- Front Bumper and Bonnet (1 Piece)


- Front Diffusor


- Side Skirts 2 pieces


- Rear Fender 2 pieces


- Rear Bumper


- Doors 2 pieces


- Roof


- Trunk Lid


- Rear Wing with Holders


- Underbody with Doublediffusor


- Mirrors 2 pieces



18600 EUR

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NOTE: Body kits/Parts
These parts however are in nearly all cases hand-made items or custom-formed parts pressed out of moulds, therefore they may slightly differ from OEM fitment accuracy. We recommend using a professional specialist shop (workshop or body paint shop) which is qualified to fit and install such parts. In some cases preparation work is essential to reach best fitment results.