Model- and Prototype

You have an idea, or a model? We offer you a solution, an approach and our know-how.

Due to our flexibility in all production sectors we are able to deal specifically with customer requests and specifications. Our know-how makes it possible for us to realise complex aerodynamic ideas, doing so in particular in the development of new products as well as in prototype construction.

We are specialized in building high performance parts for trackday and race cars such as lightweight body parts, complete body kits, bonnets, doors, roofs, trunk lids, rear wings, diffusors etc.

The aerodynamics of a racing car

The aerodynamic development of a car is a process that takes place in parallel with the design: aerodynamics suggests the shapes, the mechanics and the layout verify the feasibility and suggest which modifications to make, until the best compromise is reached.
Making a racing car aerodynamic means going beyond just drawing the surfaces. As a matter of fact, we are analyzing the results of our wind tunnel tests.